Magic trip

Magic trip

Lucky families won a day in Disneyland to help SCMP celebrate its big birthday with characters from the famous films


Alice escapes from her wonderland to have a chat with these girls.
Alice escapes from her wonderland to have a chat with these girls.
Photo: Nola Yip
Alice in Wonderland and Dumbo were on hand for South China Morning Post's early birthday party on Sunday, October 20.

Hong Kong Disneyland invited 110 families - about 500 people - to mark 110 years of Young Post's sister paper.

Our junior reporters were there to capture the magic on camera. Here are some of the best moments ...

Dumbo the flying elephant takes visitors for a spin Photo: Dhruv Singh

Standing tall with aliens in Toy Story Land Photo: Wendy Ki

Say cheese! It's a Small World is picture perfect Photo: Lyndon Fan

Three party-goers enjoy a free ride Photo: Nola Yip

Horsing around on the Cinderella Carousel Photo: Dhruv Singh

Mad (Mickey) hatters on the traditional tea cups Photo: Dhruv Singh

Scary halloween gets a thumbs down Photo: Wendy Ki

This trio make a splash Photo: Harry Cheng

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