Mobile menace

Mobile menace

The Young Post team reveal what they find annoying about cellphones

Don't you just hate it when people talk loudly on mobiles? We're sure you roll your eyes when your friend checks their Facebook at dinner. And what about those gamers who can't seem to find the mute button? And then there's ... Well, you get the idea. Young Post share - OK, vent - some of their biggest pet peeves with what some people call their second brains.

People who talk on the phone while wandering aimlessly down the street. They block others who are actually going somewhere. If you have to talk, pull over! You really can't walk and talk in a place like Hong Kong.

Susan Ramsay, editor

I don't like mobile phones with extra large screens; they are way too big for me. It takes two hands to hold these giant phones!

Young Wang, web and social media reporter

Listening to music is a personal and spiritual experience. Blasting out your music on your mobile in a train carriage kind of ruins that. Also, there is a brilliant invention called earphones, in case you didn't know.

Chris Lau, reporter

I can't stand people who are glued to their phones at dinner. What's the point of meeting up with friends if your focus is on someone on the other side of the city? Try talking to the person across the table. They might have something good to say!

Joyee Chan, reporter

I hate it when people leave their phone on their desk without changing it to vibrate mode. It forces everyone to listen to its loud, strange ring tone until they pick up the call.

Mabel Sieh, reporter

I know I'm going to be unpopular, but I can't stand selfies. An occasional snap is fine, but I've seen people with streams of selfies on their phone. Really, how many photos do you need of yourself? It's your face, you should know what you look like.

Leon Lee, website editor

I hate people with a wireless Bluetooth headphone and mic stuck to their head, even when they aren't on a call! Firstly, it's not a good look. Secondly, when they do take a call via the headset, it looks like they are talking to themselves!

Andy Schallenberger, designer

I don't understand why people walk and text at the same time. They are bound to trip up or, much worse, get run over by a car. People who shout on phones are also pretty annoying.

Wong Yat-Hei, reporter

I can't stand parents who shove mobile phones at their child to keep them off their backs. Even worse are the parents who are so busy texting they get angry when their child wants to talk to them. It makes my blood boil!

Heidi Yeung, web sub-editor

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