Highs and lows

Highs and lows

The Young Post staff reveal their finest moments and darkest hours of the past year

Susan Ramsay, editor

My high was finding the staff for Young Post's exciting new website. It was great to introduce such talented people into the team.

Em, things I didn't do? There's a long list of those. I have to admit to not going to the gym as often as I should. I think three times in one year is a record, even for me.

Karly Cox, deputy editor

My highs were definitely working on our Press Freedom coverage and the "Waste Not, Want Not" food waste project. Readers attended workshops run by government and community organisations dedicated to reducing waste. Both projects were entered in the Wan-Ifra Young Reader Prize, and we won a silver medal!

On the flipside, I was supposed to learn to drive so that I could contribute to my road trip around New Zealand this year. Epic fail. I'll be in the back seat.

Mabel Sieh, reporter

I had a great work trip with Unicef Hong Kong. In July, we visited rural Indonesia. I got to talk to teenage girls who were victims of sexual abuse. I was reminded of how much wrong adults can do to children. However, I also saw how much good we can do. As a reporter, I feel very lucky to be able to do my bit by telling their stories to the world. I might have missed my usual trip to Japan because of work, but it was worth the sacrifice.

Joyee Chan, reporter

My highs included setting foot on the African continent, seeing elephants, rhinos, whales and other magnificent animals, and having all the expenses paid for because I was there to cover rhino poaching and other wildlife conservation stories.

I gave the Sunday beauty page a facelift to include the latest fashion trends, hair, make-up, nail art, how-tos and top tips.

And I finally saw classical singer Hayley Westenra live in Hong Kong. It's been a long wait!

On the flipside, I missed Clockenflap and Symphony Under the Stars again! The flour, icing and ginger powder I bought to make gingerbread men this Christmas are still in my kitchen. And the new cookbooks I hoarded are gathering dust.

Chris Lau, reporter

Everyone talks about their highs, so I'm going for my low. My low was not winning Hong Kong's Got Talent, a competition which I did not enter. It's a competition which, I doubt, even exists. So I'm hoping to win this year. Vote for Chris.

Leon Lee, website editor

Since my life centres on music, so do my highs. Chatting with Kendrick Lamar, the hottest rapper around today, was definitely a great moment, especially since he was so chill and thoughtful with his answers. Another highlight was seeing all the awesome acts and feeling the huge energy of the crowd at the first Blohk Party. I can't wait until the next one!

As for lows, there were plenty of those. The one that continues to bother me is that Young Post still doesn't have a new website, but that's going to change soon.

John Kang, junior reporters' manager

I've watched Kim Jong-kook from the variety show Running Man and X-man for years. So I was excited (ask Leon!) to actually meet him, shake his hand, have a photo taken with him, and interview the big man when he came to Hong Kong this summer.

Things I didn't do? More like things I wish I hadn't done - that shadow puppet workshop in the middle of nowhere on a Sunday morning is one.

Wong Yat-hei, reporter

My highlight of the year was meeting NBA superstar Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls. He is the biggest basketball star I have interviewed, after Kevin Durant.

On the downside, the SCMP basketball team lost miserably in the Inter-Kong Basketball Tournament (an inter-company competition). We lost every game by an average of more than 20 points. I've never been outplayed like that before.

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