Script: Listening Exercise 197

Script: Listening Exercise 197

Excuses! Excuses!

Voice 1: I'm sorry, miss. I can't hand in my book review homework this morning. I know you said that I'd be in serious trouble if I was late with my homework again, but this time it's really not my fault. It really isn't. I've done the homework you gave us yesterday. I did it as soon as I got home after school.

But I did a really silly thing when I'd finished it. I left it on the kitchen table intending to pick it up this morning and put it in my bag. But we got a little puppy two weeks ago. It's my sister's pet, not mine. I don't really like dogs. Well, the puppy sleeps in the kitchen overnight. I was the first one up this morning, and when I went into the kitchen, my homework was in shreds all over the kitchen floor.

The puppy had torn it up, and tried to eat it, and it was in bits all over the floor. I'm so sorry, miss. I'll do it again tonight and give it in tomorrow morning. Will that be okay, miss? I'm telling the truth miss. The dog really tried to eat my homework, but it wasn’t his fault. He’s only a pup. It won't happen again, I promise. I won't leave my homework anywhere near the dog. I've learned my lesson.

Voice 2: Mr Tsang! I really am so sorry for being late for work this morning. I know it’s the second time this week, but it really wasn’t my fault either time. On Monday I was caught in that bad traffic jam in the minibus. This morning I had to help a neighbour in trouble.

I was ready to leave at eight as usual, and I was just about to leave the flat when the doorbell rang. It was Tommy, the little boy from next door. He was really upset and I couldn’t tell what wrong with him. He was sobbing his heart out. He obviously wanted me to go in to their flat with him. Oh, dear! His mum was lying on the kitchen floor, screaming in agony. She had fallen off a step-ladder. She was holding her leg.

At first, I thought she had broken it, but I’ve done a bit of first aid and when I felt her leg, I knew it was luckily only a sprained ankle. I got her to sit up, and then I helped her up from the floor and we managed to get her onto the bed in the bedroom. She’d calmed down a bit by then. I rang her husband who had just arrived in his office, and he said he’d come back home straight away. But I just couldn’t leave her.

It was about an hour before her husband got back. I then set off straight away for work when I saw she was okay. Why didn’t I ring the office to say I would be late? I just didn’t think. I suppose I was a bit upset too and was in a bit of a panic about being late again. I really am sorry, Mr Tsang. I’ll stay at work for an extra hour tonight if you want.


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