Best to watch in 2013

Best to watch in 2013

YouTube videos

1 The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) - Ring ding ding ding dingeringeding ...

2 What Does May Say? - A parody version of The Fox, the video spotlights the laugh of May Fung, host of the TVB food programme Cook Away, Lady May.

3 Harlem Shake (Various versions) - The electronic single is originally by American musician Baauer. However, people around the world snatched it and turned it into a meme. The best one, according to the Young Post team, is the one called Harlem Shake (Young Post Version).

4 A Girl Who Is Willing to Share McDonald's With Me - Posted by a local group called Camera Ready, the video pokes fun at the exorbitant life of Hong Kong teens and the "Kong Girls" culture. Sometimes a cheap meal can also satisfy couples.

5 Never Want to Be Alone - The clip starts to go wrong when Timon Chu, a businessman, kicks into the classic Chinese pop duet out of tune. But the punchline is that the original singer, Angela Pang, who was singing alongside Chu in the video, remains exceptionally calm when she heard what made most of the viewers laugh - Chu's singing.

6 The 14-Slap Girl - The video involves a girl slapping her boyfriend, who is on his knees, 14 times. She was arrested after passers-by rang the police.

7 Volvo Trucks - The Epic Split - Belgian martial artist Jean-Claude Van Damme did a split between two moving Volvo trucks in an advert. The video soon went viral, with internet users photoshopping Van Damme's head with that of, say, Chuck Norris and Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying.

8 Gwiyomi - South Korean singer put out the song Gwiyomi (or A Cutie) without knowing that it would go viral. But the catchy song was picked up by YouTubers - many from Hong Kong - who recorded themselves dancing and striking cute poses while the song is played.

9 Police Boundaries - This is the first full-length TV show that Hong Kong Television, which failed to acquire a free-to-air licence, uploaded to YouTube. The 40-minute police drama has gathered about 1.2 million views.

10 Mystical Bear-Headed Man - Posting videos under the username of FHPProductionHK, the man who wears a mask of Japanese cartoon bear Rilakkuma takes on current issues and social phenomena by delivering a hilarious minutes-long speech.

Other top moments of 2013

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