The best bits

The best bits

We asked our readers to reflect on 2013 and reveal what they enjoyed the most. Here are their answers...size=3>

1 No big news

I turned 15 last year but nothing big happened. Apparently Taylor Swift had a better 15th year than me. According to her song Fifteen, somebody told her they love her ... maybe this year!

Jolie Chan, 15

2 In a flap

Clockenflap! It was simply amazing, especially Chic! I loved the silent disco, the souvenirs, the booths, the little shops ... So basically everything!

Mimi Lam, 16

3 All smiles

I did my IB diploma in 2013, and one thing I unexpectedly learned from it was how to laugh every single day. Despite everything life has thrown at me, I've somehow managed to smile even at the most minor thing, like wearing my favourite hoodie to keep out the cold. I hope this isn't insanity ...

Sonali Gidwani, 17

4 A real feast

The best day of 2013 was when I attended a conference at the Science Park in Sha Tin. It was my first time at a big conference, and there were inspiring speeches, interesting exhibits, and delicious food!

Lyndon Fan, 13

5 It's a beauty

What I enjoyed the most is getting told that I'm "growing more and more beautiful like Snow White".

Ruby Leung, 16

6 School's out

The best thing about 2013 was that I graduated from secondary school in July. It was a great transition as not only did I get more freedom, I no longer have to wear the same boring uniform to school!

Giselle Chan Cheuk-ying, 18

7 Health-conscious

My New Year's resolution for 2012 was to be a vegetarian and become healthy. So I didn't eat any meat ... for three weeks! That was my healthiest period of 2013.

Kate Ng, 18

8 Hot off the press

What I enjoyed the most by far was joining the Young Post Cadet Programme in the summer. It was a really meaningful experience to see the Top 10 column being put together, complete with quirky answers and pictures coming to life in front of my eyes.

Jade Lam, 16

9 Quacking year

The six-storey-tall rubber duck that was displayed in Victoria Harbour during the summer was the highlight of the year. It was an adorable creation which brought great joy and colour to the city. It even got attention after it deflated!

Hua Yuk-ting, 14

10 Centre stage

Concerts. Plural! Owl City, David Choi, Gabrielle Aplin, The Killers ... So many concerts! Woop!

Doris Lam, 16

Next week

Something that is as traditional as setting New Year's resolutions is breaking them. For next week's Top 10, tell us the New Year's resolution you're pretty sure you'll break, but will try anyway. Send your response, together with your name, age and school, to with "Top 10: 2014 resolutions" in the subject field. The answers will be published next Friday.

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