Talking points: What is the smell that takes you back to childhood and why?

Talking points: What is the smell that takes you back to childhood and why?

Winnie Lee Wing-yee, 18, Community College of City University

Cotton candy. When I was small, my family often took me to Jumpin Gym to spend the day. Apart from having fun in the colourful ball pit, the other thing that caught my eye was cotton candy. That sweet flavour and fruity scent is like heaven to all kids. The treats were costly so I got them only if I was well-behaved. They definitely remind me of my childhood.

Beatrice Cohen, 16, Australian International School

The smell of the Body Shop's passion fruit lip balm! One Christmas, when I was about seven, I received it in my stocking, and immediately loved it. In a moment of insanity, I decided that my new Barbie doll needed it as a perfume, and rubbed a massive dollop into her shiny, dark brown hair. It smelled sickly sweet for months, and I now can't smell it without feeling ill!

Vidushi Sasha Saksena, 15, Renaissance College Hong Kong

The smell of metal railings. As a kid, I didn't spend too much time watching TV because we didn't have any cartoon channels at home. So, I spent most of my time teaching the helper the ABCs or climbing the metal gate in front of our house. (I managed to actually climb it only last summer when we went back for the holidays and I was really bored.)

Lawrence Liang, 15, Renaissance College Hong Kong

Dishwashing detergent. I remember clearly that I would waddle around the house and smell detergent, indicating that my mum was busy washing dishes. This was the best chance for me to sneak onto the computer and play video games to my heart's content.

Dhruv Singh, 15, YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College

The aroma of baked bread brings special memories. My dad used to walk with me to my primary school in the morning, and we would walk past a pastry shop where a peculiar sweet smell would envelop us. I've always associated that smell with my childhood.


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