Feel-good focus fails to surprise

Feel-good focus fails to surprise

Ben Stiller's latest film, as a director and a star, is touching, warm and uplifting and pretty funny. It's the ultimate dose of feel good to shake off any winter weather blues. But, really, that's all there is to it.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is a famous short story, by James Thurber, about a quiet, boring man who spends his time daydreaming about being a hero. That's all the story has in common with this film; it would have been better to give it a totally different title and rename the character.

Stiller plays Mitty, who has worked for Life magazine's photographic department for the past 16 years. When corporate bully Ted Hendricks (Adam Scott) takes over Life, he decides turn the magazine into a website.

Legendary photographer Sean O'Connell (Sean Penn), sends in his final roll of film, noting that "picture 25" is the best. Hendricks wants it as the last cover, but it goes missing. So he tells Mitty to find it, or be sacked.

Mitty must track down O'Connell, in some of the most dangerous places on Earth, to find the photograph.

Will Mitty find both O'Connell and picture 25? Of course! Will it be worth all the effort? Yes! Does he give it to the editor in time? Naturally! And will we have lots of laughs, too? You bet!

The ending is beautiful and sentimental - so you might want to take your tissues. But it all feels a bit too predictable.

YP Rating: 2/5

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