Impressive Kiwis ride the waves

Impressive Kiwis ride the waves

After releasing Young Blood - a catchy track that had everyone going: "Ye-yeah-ye-yeah-ye-yeah" for quite some time - New Zealand post-punk revival band The Naked and Famous are proving unstoppable.

In Rolling Waves is the band's second studio album, and its 12 new tracks are already winning widespread praise from critics.

The group make an excellent transition from their last album to this new one. Some of the old stuff - full of layers, which make up the band iconic sound - is kept in the new one, but a few new twists this time make it sound refreshing.

Those who enjoyed the old stuff, will appreciate Hearts Like Ours. The song builds gradually - layer by layer, from simple synth-effects to full-on electric guitar riffs - to a climatic chorus, with lead singer Alisa Xayalith belting out philosophical yet cryptic lyrics. "There's an animal inside. There's a fear that won't subside," she sings. Other tracks on the album, such as Waltz and I Kill Giants, share this vibe.

The band have abandoned the strong metallic sounds of before in favour of psychedelic rock tracks.

After such an impressive achievement so early on the group's career, the only question now is: how can their next album top this one?

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