Lewis serves up groovy Christmas

Lewis serves up groovy Christmas

Time whizzes by so quickly. Christmas, With Love is already British singer Leona Lewis' fourth studio album, since her breakthrough delivering an impressive vocal performance on The X Factor in 2006.

This record consists of seven covers and three original tracks - One More Sleep, Mr Right and Your Hallelujah - that she co-wrote.

It's good to hear Lewis, 28, easing her monstrous voice delicately into every song, which can be a fatal thing for many strong-voice singers. With lots of soothing, groovy beats, her album has a Motown feel to it.

Lewis opens the album with One More Sleep, an up-tempo, pop track, which sets the tone for the rest of the album. "One more sleep until Christmas," she softly sings, indicating there's one song to go until her Christmas album unfolds into a festive concoction.

Christmas carols are mostly cheerful, but there are also some slow-paced tracks for places like a church. Lewis' discipline to hold and then release makes her a great carol singer. Enjoy!

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