The nominees are...

The nominees are...

We made the list, we've checked it twice

It's been the talk of the town for weeks and finally the fabulous Young Post Junior Reporter Awards are upon us. On January 4, 2014 we will gather at Hong Kong Disneyland to announce the winners of our eight awards. Of course, that won't be all. We'll have a delicious lunch, a thrilling scavenger hunt and everyone will get a fun-filled goodie bag. The voting for our amazingly talented junior reporters closed last night, and we are delighted to announce the nominees before our judges make their final decisions. Tickets are running out fast, so get yours by visiting

Best Op-Ed Article

Writing an opinion piece is not easy but these writers aren't afraid to say what they think, even when tackling controversial topics.

Thomas Chan, for, "Fight for the full picture"
Gabrielle Keung, for, "Media as a force for change"
Charmain Li, for, "Tiny paper clip, huge lesson"
Carmen Liu Ka-man, for, "A hard-up class"
Lucien Wang, for, "Let's remember the victims of terror"

Best Face Off Article

Our Face Off column challenges writers to argue a point, even if they don't personally support it. These nominees are the toughest debaters we could find.

Vanessa Cheung Wing-kei said yes to, "Should workers strike to ask for a pay rise and more benefits?"
Elise Choi Ho-yie said no to, "Has Hong Kong become a more 'livable' place compared to five years ago?"
Tara Lee Bo-yi said no to, "Should handguns be banned in America?"
Sweetie Lui said yes to, "Was there a conflict of interest when Cathay Pacific paid for lawmakers' trip to France?"
Kate Ng Yu-yan said no to, "Should Hong Kong scrap the 'two-can' export limit?"

Best Workshop Report

Workshops offer junior reporters a chance to try a wide range of activities, such as making dim sum, zorbing or attending TEDx talks. We want to recognise the best workshop reports this year.

Lyndon Fan, for, "Artistry that looks great on paper"
Doris Lam, for, "Fashion with passion"
Joy Pamnani, for, "Going green ... and gourmet"
Yasmin Subba, for, "The right formula"
Dorothy Yim, for, "Dream team"

Best Cover/Feature

To write an in-depth feature or get a byline on our cover takes a lot of research and hard work. The following reporters were all up for the challenge.

Pradyumn Dayal, for, "Don't hold your breath"
May Huang, for, "Mission to Mongolia"
Ruthie Joe-Laidler, for, "A dive in the park"
Isabel Lai, for, "Still going strong"
Doris Lam, for, "The fruits of her labours"
Ruby Leung, for, "And now for the good news"
James Parry, for, "Our Who's Who of 11 Time Lords ... and counting"
Yasmin Subba, for, "Amping it to the max"

Junior Reporter of the Year

Being a JR means much more than just writing or taking photographs. It's about commitment, speed and reliability. This year's nominees have shown time after time they can produce great work.

William Cheng
Winnie Lee
Ruby Leung
Joy Pamnani
Nola Yip

Best Photographer

A new category this year, the award celebrates the artistic and photographic skills of our junior reporters.

William Cheng
Henry Lui
Dhruv Singh

The winner of our new award, Beat: Best Volunteering Report, will also be announced on the day and a further eight "Most Enthusiastic Junior Reporters" will be recognised.

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