Putting it all online

Putting it all online

Soon even everyday objects will be connected to the web

An app for a popular Hong Kong TV drama collects people's thoughts on the show before the episode is broadcast.

This idea isn't new. Facebook has a billion people posting billions of messages every day. The question is how to find out which of these messages is useful information.

I carry two small machines with me every day. They track my health, things like sleeping patterns and exercise routine. By themselves, they are not very useful, but once connected to a mobile app, they tell an interesting story. Combined with millions of other similar devices, people can look at the data and see how to help society become healthier. Soon when we walk around a city, we will receive personal information everywhere. We will live in a world known as the "internet of things". This means that everything we see around us, from the toaster to the shower, will be connected to the internet. It will become part of our daily lives.


What is the "internet of things"?

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