Script: Listening Exercise 196

Script: Listening Exercise 196


Hello. I'm May and I'm going to tell you all about the run I took part in last summer. I'd never done anything like this in my life before, and I must say it was fantastic. I did the run with a couple of my friends and we had an absolutely great time. The event I'm talking about is the London Sumo Run and it takes place every year on a Sunday morning in July in beautiful Battersea Park in South London.

The Sumo Run is a bit different from your normal running event. Every runner taking part has to wear an inflatable sumo suit. Have you ever seen two hundred sumo wrestlers running around a park? No? Well, believe me it is a sight you will never forget. It was great fun, a brilliant chance to have a day out with friends or family and a great opportunity to raise money for charity.

You have to register to take part in the run and pay a registration fee which covers the cost of the blow-up sumo suit. Once you've paid your registration fee, your place in the run is guaranteed. You also have to pledge that you will raise at least two hundred pounds for charity. Me and my two friends went round all the lecturers and students at college to sponsor us. We raised more than seven hundred pounds between us. Not bad, eh?

Imagine being a resident of Battersea out for a Sunday morning walk and suddenly you are confronted by a hoard of sumo wrestlers running, wobbling and shaking towards you. The park was packed with spectators, and I must admit I did feel a bit of a fool when I first got into my sumo suit and stood there blowing it up. All the runners had gathered around the bandstand in the middle of the park and we all slowly inflated our suits. Then we were ready for the starting whistle.

The course is five kilometres around the park. It was great fun watching how the other sumos got round the course. One flip-flopped his way round. Others just waddled their way to the finishing line. A guy called Phillip won the race. I wasn't even placed, but it didn't matter. Winning wasn;t the point.

Every single sumo, volunteer and member of staff contributed to the great atmosphere that Sunday morning. And the spectators had a great time as well. Okay. We all looked ridiculous wobbling around the running track, but that was what the run was all about. Fun. So, don't hesitate, inflate! But make sure you don't fall over in your sumo suit. It’s really rather tricky to get back o your feet!


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