Christmas should be a day or rest!

Christmas should be a day or rest!

Carols ring out from every street corner. Christmas trees are in the shop windows. And excited children with red noses kick through piles of crunchy, brown leaves as their parents trail behind them. There's no doubt about it - Santa Claus is coming to town.

Everyone spends the Christmas season differently. Personally, the ideal festive treat would be to sit in a big armchair in front of a warm fire, with a pile of presents under the Christmas tree and the smell of mince pies and mulled wine in the air; others prefer to spend their time shopping in lavish malls, while some party away Christmas in a club with blaring lights and loud music.

However you will be spending Christmas, I feel there are a few pointers that everybody can benefit from.

My first piece of advice would be to stop stressing about presents. Spend less time and money on your gifts and put your effort towards writing a heartfelt card to your loved ones; it's more likely to be appreciated.

Next, put away your cameras. It's all very well to capture a moment in a photo. But there comes a point when technology detracts from the magic of the moment.

Finally, put aside any unfinished work you have. For just two days, spend time with those you cherish. Sit by a fire, or on the sofa, or by the Christmas tree. Flick through old photo albums. Sip a warm drink. Unwrap presents. Munch on mince pies and chocolates.

Everybody deserves a true day off once a year.

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