Winter wonderland

Winter wonderland

We sent a team of our junior reporters to macau to find out how the Venetian Macao is celebrating the winter


Junior reporters (L-R): Dhruv Singh, Yasmin Subba, Leanne Cheng, Henry Lui, and Heidi Kwan.
Junior reporters (L-R): Dhruv Singh, Yasmin Subba, Leanne Cheng, Henry Lui, and Heidi Kwan.
Photos: John Kang/SCMP
The Venetian Macao has been transformed into a winter wonderland, with all sorts of fun activities and events available to visitors.

One of the highlights is a 10-minute 3D light-and-sound show. The show is called "Seasons of Wonder" and runs every 30 minutes between 6pm and 10pm. It involves a giant 3D animation projected onto the front of the Venetian Macao. It really is a spectacular experience.

Make sure you check it out before the show ends on January 5.

Heidi Kwan

Ice World with the DreamWorks Gang

Frosty fun for everyone

Outside the hotel, there was a small ice skating rink around a giant 15-metre-tall Christmas tree. It reminded us of the winter scenes in the Peanuts cartoons.

Let me tell you, ice skating is not easy! We did our best to stay on our feet though. It was a really great way of forgetting about our stressful lives back in Hong Kong.

There was an amazing festive atmosphere for everybody to enjoy. It was made complete by fake snow that turned everything a beautiful white. In addition, there were street performers who looked good enough to dance alongside Lady Gaga. They sang on the streets and offered to take photos with tourists. Everyone there was having a fantastic time.

We took a ride on a gondola - a type of boat that is famous in Venice, Italy. Afterwards, we spent time playing in the game booths. There was non-stop entertainment everywhere.

All in all, we couldn't have had a better trip. It was like spending a day in a winter wonderland. Though it all seemed to end quicker than a Kim Kardashian marriage, we will never forget it.

Leanne Cheng and Henry Lui

It's getting cold in here

Don't you sometimes wish Hong Kong's winter was actually cold? Well, your dream of a winter wonderland isn't far away. All you need to do is to hop on a boat to Macau. That's what we did!

For the third year in a row, the Venetian Macao will host the biggest indoor ice sculpture exhibition in Asia: Ice World with the DreamWorks Gang!

You can shiver in the company of DreamWorks characters, including Po from Kung Fu Panda and Shrek from, well, Shrek, since the exhibition is kept at a freezing minus 8 degrees Celsius!

Though our faces and hands were numb from the cold, it made the winter experience all the more real.

There is also an ice slide, and don't worry, thick coats are available to keep you and your bum warm!

Dhruv Singh and Yasmin Subba

For more information about winter at Cotai Strip, check out Winter at Cotai Strip

The Venetian Macao's Ice World exhibition runs from 11am to 8pm until March 16. Tickets are HK$100 per person.

For more information go to

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