'It's the journey, not the goal'

'It's the journey, not the goal'


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Photo: Hong Kong Arts Festival
This week, two of our six panel leaders tell Mabel Sieh their views on what qualities are necessary for this year's winners in the Performing Arts and Sports categories

Tisa Ho (for Performing Artist Award)
Executive director, Hong Kong Arts Festival

What qualities should the Performing Artist winner have?

The first quality is sincerity. Performances are about communicating ideas and feelings. If you're not sincere, your audience can feel it immediately through your performances.

A large part of your sincerity comes from respecting and loving the work that you perform, and seeking to communicate the value of your work to the public.

Second, it is important that you understand what you're trying to communicate. Skill is a close third - and a necessary vehicle for the first two qualities.

What advice would you give students who are interested in developing careers in the performing arts?

I'd suggest you ask yourself why you want to do it, what you're willing to give - and give up - in order to succeed.

A career in performing arts isn't an easy one, but it can be highly rewarding if you have what it takes and give it your absolute best.

However, if you're only a little interested, merely curious perhaps, and would quite like to be famous, then it may be wise to think again and choose to do something else.

Even so, you could still enjoy the arts and support others who have devoted their lives to it, while living a happy and successful life.

What kind of environment do schools need to provide for students to nurture their development in performing arts?

We need an open environment with lots of opportunities for students to explore and discover different interests and talents. But this applies to all career fields, including the arts.

I believe that optimum results can be achieved with minimal pressure to succeed by encouraging students to enjoy the journey, rather than simply rushing towards a predetermined goal.

Photo: Chung Pak-kwong

Professor Chung Pak-kwong (for Best Sportsperson Award)
Department of Physical Education, Baptist University

What qualities should the Best Sportsperson have?

You should have recognised achievements - both locally and internationally, in this field.

It is important you're highly disciplined - someone who is honest, and respects and understands the importance of fairness in competitions.

You must be mature enough to appreciate the skills and efforts of opponents, and willing to learn from them - especially when you fail.

Your manner and temperament are also important. We don't want an athlete throwing a tantrum in training or competitions.

What advice would you give students who are interested in sports training and hope to be a professional athlete?

Training to be an athlete requires a lot of hard work and commitment. If you're interested in developing a career in sports, you need to dedicate your time to work on your techniques and skills.

Teamwork is another thing you must focus on. Even in individual sports, you are representing the whole team when you compete. You need the right mentality - to be humble and not feel that you're more special than your teammates.

What are the benefits for young people who play sports?

Playing a sport does not only improve your health, but also trains your mind and attitude.

It teaches you the value and importance of discipline, and persistence - which will prepare you for life challenges, not only for competing in different games.

Today, many students take part in sports only to get into good universities, which I think is a shame.

Whether you want to be a professional athlete or just do sports as a hobby, sports should be a part of your life - and are very good for you.

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