An unsettling look at bullying

An unsettling look at bullying

In After Lucia, Mexican director Michel Franco takes on the unsettling subject of bullying with his experimental cinematic wit. The star of this dark drama is young actress Tessa Ia Gonzalez Norvind, who brilliantly portrays a victim of bullying.

Alejandra (Tessa Ia) is only 17 when she moves to Mexico City from Puerto Vallarta with her depressed father, Roberto, following the death of her mother in a car crash. A new city also means a new school. At first, Alejandra is popular and is invited on a trip with a new friend.

But things start to go wrong after Alejandra makes a silly mistake and people begin to pick on her. As time passes, the bullying becomes more frequent and aggressive. Alejandra must find a way out of the situation.

This experimental drama features interesting long shots alongside some unsettling scenes that are just enough to give you that suffocating feeling. The detached tone used by the director gives the film a grim touch.

Franco must be praised for this in-depth look at the pain caused by bullying, and showing how even the most popular kid at school could become a victim.

It's hard to produce such a thought-provoking film without using violent and confronting scenes, but Franco seems to have mastered the trick.

YP Rating: 3/5

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