Show us your talents

Show us your talents

What qualities or achievements should a winning student have in each of the six Student of the Year Awards categories? Let's hear it from our SCMP editors and judges

Grand Prize
Wang Xiangwei, Editor-in-Chief

To win the Grand Prize, you need to be an extraordinary student who has outstanding academic achievements and recognised results in non-academic subjects. You are someone who is committed to personal development, and also to the wellbeing of others by contributing to your community. You are an all-rounded person who sees yourself as a role model for other young people in Hong Kong.

Linda Yeung, Education Editor

You will have demonstrated a very good command of the language concerned, and be highly articulate in conveying thoughts and ideas in that language. You can also capture audience attention and speak with clarity, fluency and appropriate phrasal or verbal expressions. You may have produced written works, be it poetry, speeches, short stories or others deemed to be of a high standard.

Visual Artist
Kevin Kwong, 48 Hours Magazine Editor

Your winning art piece should be able to engage - whether through technical brilliance, wit, or ideas that challenge the way we see the world. It's important that you are able to articulate and communicate your ideas to the viewers, so don't forget to spend some time thinking about the execution of the artwork.

Performing Artist
Kevin Kwong, 48 Hours Magazine Editor

Techniques are only the foundation. In the performing arts - whether it's playing a musical instrument, dancing or acting - the key is to be able to convince and touch the audience.

Noel Prentice, Sports Editor

Exceptional performance in an Asian, youth, world or Olympic competition obviously sets the bar very high, but there are many unsung heroes out there, including the team player who is a leader and an inspiration, or an individual facing adversity and never conceding defeat. Dedication and commitment are the foundations of any success, and the values of fair play and sportsmanship are not to be underestimated. You will need these attributes - and more - to be our winner.

Community Contributor
Cliff Buddle, Special Projects Editor

We are searching for special students who have distinguished themselves through dedicated service to the community. Hong Kong students are busy people, striving for academic excellence, as well as in other fields, such as music or sport. This award is for students who make time to care for others. We are looking for young people who make a difference to people's lives. Their efforts may take the form of voluntary work, social enterprise, service in the field of education, or care giving. Our winner will be able to demonstrate their dedication, commitment and achievement in supporting the community.

Student of the Year

This year is South China Morning Post's 110th anniversary. To mark the occasion, we are celebrating Hong Kong, our home. We are also reinstating the most prestigious annual secondary school event - the Student of the Year Awards. We want to celebrate our students - our brightest leaders of tomorrow - by recognising their outstanding achievements and talents, and their personal achievements and contributions to society. Principals and deans of secondary schools can nominate their best students for the awards.

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Important dates

- Nomination: October 10 to November 20, 2013

- Announcement of shortlisted students: December 20, 2013

- Individual interviews with judges: December 2013 to January 2014

- Announcement of finalists: February 17, 2014

- Award ceremony and luncheon: March 1, 2014

Eligibility criteria

All students in Form Four to Six or Grade 10 to 12 in registered secondary schools in Hong Kong during the academic year 2013-2014 can be nominated.

Award categories

The six categories are: Grand Prize, Linguist, Visual Artist, Performing Artist, Sportsperson, and Community Contributor.


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