Talking points: The most horrible food we eat at school

Talking points: The most horrible food we eat at school

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Doris Lam, 16, St Margaret's Co-educational English Secondary and Primary School

At my school, if you don't bring lunch to school, you can buy food from the canteen or order a meal from the catering company. Every dish from the catering company tastes the same, but it does try to serve healthy food. Our canteen, however, only serves junk food, instant noodles or fried stuff. Being teenagers, of course we love the junk food! But we know it's also very unhealthy and I have to say hello to new zits all the time!

Jessie Pang, 17, True Light Girls' College

Instant noodles was the most horrible dish we got at school; it was not properly cooked and had a funny smell. Also, the soup was totally tasteless, even though we would add some spicy pork cubes to give it more flavour. However, we still ate it because the school canteen only offered a few choices for lunch, and snacks didn't fill our stomachs. Luckily, we changed the supplier in September!

Sweetie Lui, 17, Yan Oi Tong Tin Ka Ping Secondary School

It has to be mayonnaise on rice. It was actually not served in the school cafeteria. My friend had some leftover rice and did not want to throw it away. I was hungry and penniless so I asked her to give me some, and there was a bottle of mayonnaise on the table ... It wasn't until I started digging in that I realised what a stupid thing I'd done - it was awful!

Sonali Gidwani, 17, West Island School

The main problem with our school lunches is that they are of a low quality and expensive. The horrible food ranges from muffins with barely any chocolate chips (HK$10) to overcooked pasta in a slimy sauce (HK$22). Our school does have a cafe, which sells sandwiches, salads and coffee. The sandwiches taste slightly better, but many students think that at around HK$30 each, they are not worth it.

Henry Lui, 14, Sha Tin College

My school's food bears an uncanny resemblance to Kim Kardashian - it is cheap, plastic and not that good looking either! Every day we fill our stomachs with food that is so uncooked I wouldn't be surprised if it jumped up off the plate. Although the food definitely doesn't compare to any restaurant I've ever visited, we are at least lucky that it's so convenient.


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Tin Long Saxon Sze


The most horrible food I ate at school was the vegetable that made by the food company. The vegetable was a little bit sour and sometimes it may has some hair inside. Most of my classmate also hate it.