Heartbeat: Pioneers with warm hearts

Heartbeat: Pioneers with warm hearts

I am a form four student from Sing Yin Secondary School and I am also a member of Sing Yin Pioneers.

Sing Yin Pioneers is a students organisation run by The Guidance Department of the school. It helps junior form students improve their academic results and it also acts as a service group. Sing Yin Pioneers is formed by a group of enthusiastic students. They take care of all form one students in the school and dedicate their weekends to helping the less fortunate in society.

What do we usually do in the school? As a guidance organisation, each of us has two to three form one students to take care of. We have to help them adapt to school life, and especially the medium of instruction.

There should not be only studies for their school lives, therefore, we often organise some lunch games for them to enjoy and learn from!

For some students whose academic results are not ideal, we shall run a programme called ‘Study Skills Class’ , and all of the students fail in tests or examinations will be asked to join. We will share our study methods with them and revise with them. As a result, the majority of them can get better results in tests or examinations.

As I mentioned before, Sing Yin Pioneers is a service group. It also organises some activities to help the poor and participate in social service volunteer work.

We often visit the homes of the elderly. We go to their home and talk with them. Sometimes, we may clean the houses for them and give them some gifts which are sponsored by social service organisations. It is beneficial for us to talk with others, especially the elderly!

One of the most interesting and exciting external activities is the Caritas Bazaar. All of the helpful Pioneers attend the Caritas Bazaar and we enjoy selling products. Although we do not get any profit after the Caritas Bazaar, our behaviour is splendid. It helps raise lots of funds to help those in need.

We take care of junior form students in school. We dedicate our weekends to helping the less fortunate in society.

We are Sing Yin Pioneers!


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