Heartbeat: Extending a helping hand

Heartbeat: Extending a helping hand

What do you think of when you’re talking about volunteering? Selling Flags? Visiting elderly homes? But I am going to report a volunteering activity which is unique and meaningful.

A programme named “Level Up” was organised by the Community Service Club. It is aimed at developing our personal characters and contributing to society, and about 20 students joined. One part of the programme is to visit the Direction Association for the Handicapped, which serves primarily the severely physically disabled who are called “Life Fighters”. I thought it would be definitely a precious opportunity to know more about the vulnerable groups whose needs had always went unheeded in society.

The venue was the service centre and students went there after school. The centre was small but full of love. Everywhere was clean and there were a lot of adorable decorations. Everyone looked very nice and affable.

First, we were invited to experience their lives. The experience was quite interesting. For example, being carried by a machine from the bed to the wheelchair. But then I realised their huge difficulties – it took so much time to do something simple like getting up! The operation was also complicated. Unexpectedly, in spite of these tremendous challenges, they struggled against them instead of giving up. I highly appreciated their positive attitude.

After that, there was a section about being their helpers. Our duties were helping them get on the wheelchair, grabbing things which they were not able to access, etc. One Life Fighter and one student were grouped together. I expected that it would be easy for me. In fact, the work they requested was uncomplicated. Nevertheless, I did them badly. First, I wanted to pour a drink for my partner, but the bottle fell from my hand. Then, I rushed to get the wheelchair, but unfortunately I fell on the ground. How embarrassed I was! Reflecting on myself, I was spoiled by my parents. I didn’t need to do anything as they did everything for me, so I’ve decided to change the situation from now on.

A sharing section was held at the end. The Life Fighters and experienced volunteers who took care of the Life Fighters shared their unique experience. Many of them were ordinary people from birth but were disabled because of traffic accidents. It must be a great depression and an enormous alteration. One of them was discouraged at first. Cheered up by friends and members of the Association, he was determined to overcome the adversity. I realised the importance of support from others, which had an infinite power. Moreover, the volunteers’ experiences deeply impressed me as I was extremely exhausted after the activities. However, they were willing to do the labourious work during their spare time. Their generosity warmed my heart. In addition, I noticed that not all Hongkongers were cool and unfeeling.

Everyone is eager to help others. Let’s raise our helping hand for the people in need!


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