Heartbeat: Conscientious giving

Heartbeat: Conscientious giving

“Help others” are easy words to say, but do you have the determination to do it? Would you be willing to sacrifice your canned coffee once a month? Can you live without your mobile phone for one day? You see, helping others is a daunting task for many.

Hello, we’re 6E from Saint Joseph’s Anglo-Chinese School. With a goal to be selfish, we only wished to help one person with the help of 42 pairs of hands – a girl named Rochelle, from the not-so-far-away land of the Philippines. She is the precious jewel of our class.

Rochelle is a cheerful, energetic girl who helps her parents with their chores. Farming is what they do for a living, and ironically, her simple life is envied by many of us. However, all that glitters is not gold. We know her family has difficulties, and we really wished to give her a hand. So we did.

We met this adorable, sweet girl through World Vision when our class teacher, Miss Holroyd, told us to do something meaningful while we are still together and before venturing out into this big world. All we would have to do is to organise an activity once a month and raise HK$6 each. And we are loving it.

For 6E, donating money is not like throwing pennies into a wishing well. We don’t just throw our money and make a wish; we throw our money while having fun and making wishes. For each month’s donation, we have to collect the money in a fun way with as little sacrifice as possible. Past events included “No-Mo” Day where we switched off our mobile phones for one day and asked others to sponsor us. Candy Crushing was selling tickets and let the buyers guess how many sweets were in a jar. Our Movie and Hot Dog Lunch involved swapping our usual HK$25 spending money for hot dogs, lemonade, and a heart-warming movie. All of these little activities make giving much livelier, yet in a relaxed way. We also learnt to organise these activities ourselves. Do you think helping is really a daunting task?

Giving, donating and contributing. It doesn’t have to involve insurmountable tasks and unreachable goals. Even with our quaint brains and witty thoughts, we manage to improve one person’s life by doing trivial things. By planning and organising, we have even gained some experience which can’t be learnt in class. And through all that, our friendship has strengthened and our bonds have been reinforced.

“Maraming salamat poi”, thank you very much, are the words Rochelle gave us in her last letter. What we’ve done is nothing compared with the cruel, bitter-cold world in which live some people out there who are desperately in need of help. Please, save your coffee and toffee, and give them a helping hand. It makes a difference.


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