Jessie's Alive but not kicking

Jessie's Alive but not kicking

British R&B singer Jessie J has never sounded so alive as in her sophomore album, Alive. But the singer-songwriter seems so set on being high energy that she has forgotten one equally vital element - style.

Peppy songs take up about two thirds of the record. Jessie starts strong with her new rock anthem It's My Party, in which she unflinchingly flaunts her powerful voice, hitting every high note.

Tracks like Thunder, Sexy Lady and Harder We Fall also show-off the singer's amazing vocals.

But the record still lacks something.

The 25-year-old Brit fails to incorporate her celebrated R&B style into most tracks. Many songs start promisingly with a refreshing intro - sometimes synth beats, or acoustic guitar riffs - but they all end up being unapologetically cliched, due to the singer's desperation to produce commercial hits.

The album is saved, however, by some feel-good collaborations, such as Excuse My Rude and Conquer The World, which offer alternative yet catchy beats.

A strong voice is vital for success as a singer, but never an excuse to snub style or innovation. Jessie, you've got to be alive and stylish at the same time.

YP Rating: 2/5

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