Talking points: Which subject would you drop in school, and why?

Talking points: Which subject would you drop in school, and why?

Hate it when you can't talk back? Well, you can with Young Post. Have your say and share with students around Hong Kong.

Tracy Wong, 16, Carmel Secondary School

While my classmates are busy dropping their electives, I am still enjoying learning new things. I don't feel like dropping any of the electives; I'm passionate about them all.

Yet there's one subject I do hate and long to drop. That is liberal studies. After studying this subject for a year, I've found that it overlaps Chinese and English.

Do we really need liberal studies? As everybody knows, schools force us to read newspapers mainly because of this subject. As a result, we rarely have time to relax. I think it's all a little too much.


Jason Hung, 16, Lai King Catholic Secondary School

I would definitely drop maths in school if this were not strictly forbidden. In spite of being one of the core subjects, maths is not as essential as the other subjects.

Languages are very useful because we can use them to communicate with others; science can help us know more about food and medicine.

But we never use the complex maths formulas in our daily lives. So I don't believe maths is a useful subject.

Odessa Fung, 13, Diocesan Girls' School

I would drop history. Originally I found it was an interesting subject.

However, history textbooks mainly focus on "important events" that happened over a certain period of time. They ignore the relationship between such incidents, and the flow of historical events.

I find it hard to connect the different periods of time; it's all very confusing.

Giselle Chan, 18, City University of Hong Kong

Mathematics should be dropped completely. The things I learned in maths classes make no difference to my everyday life, but only pulled down my overall grades.

I think this subject is "poisonous" for arts students like me. The red "F" on the maths column ruins our report cards, no matter how many A's we've got for languages and history.

And, most importantly, who needs to learn maths when we can simply use a calculator?

Henry Lui, 14, Sha Tin College

I was able to choose most of the subjects I will take for iGCSE, but I'm not a big fan of some of the compulsory ones.

As part of our curriculum, we have a subject called "Global Thinking Skills", where we sit in a classroom, blabber on about things in society and take away nothing from the lesson.

I definitely believe that our time should be used somewhere else.


Tell us if there is a subject in school you’d like to drop in the comment box below.

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Montana Lau


I would drop mathematics,because it is not useful.We just need to learn how to add , subtract , multiply and divide numbers,then it would enough to use in daily life.Some things like formula,equation or factorization,those of that do not have a practical use.Think about it,you would not factorize th

* au_hoi_kwan


I would drop mathematics in school.It is because I think a lot of knowledge are useless in our daily lives.Don't you think so?We just need to add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers in our daily lives.When you go to supermarket or anywhere else,do you need 'Factorization'?In my opinion,liberal ar

* wong_kin_hang_ja


I would drop Liberal Studies since it is useless in our daily lives. We cannot have critical thinking after we learn LIBS as we are forced to read newspaper and leraning different skils only.

Steven Wong



I would like to drop mathematics.Maths isn't a important subject for us,we do not need to use it in our lifes. We just need to learn how to calculate the simple maths that we have learnt in primary school is okay.Also, maths is too hard for us to learn,it makes many people's grade become lower becau

apple tong


If I can drop a subject,I will choose Mathematics. There are three reasns to support m choice.Firstly, this subject is diffcult that students need to understand the questions an think about which methods they should use.Also they need to do the steps very clear otherwise the marks will be deducted e

Lee Peter


I would drop Chinese, because we're now living in an international world. Frankly, Chinese are wasting our time which can be used in learning English. Maybe someone would say that bilingual are very common in the world now especially in China, but it's difficult to learn something you're not really

* cheung_ka_ching_


If I can drop a subject in school, I will choose Chinese. It is because it is so hard to study and understand the Classical Chinese for me. Compare with the other subjects, Chinese is the subject which I get the lowest marks.

Dick Yung


If I can drop a subject in my school, I would drop the Mathematics, it is because we don't need a lot of Mathematics knowledge like Linear equation, Simultaneous equations. We really don't need these in or daily lifes.

Ngai Yan Leung


i would drop mathematics,it is because a lot of mathematics knowledge are no useful in our life,you will not use the cross method to buy a orange or apple,it is ridiculous and strange!Except some job which should have a lot of knowledge of maths ,example:engineer and architect so, it should not re

Tsz Lok Ho


I would drop Liberal Studies.This subject is help us to have critical thinking but we can learn that in other subjects such as History and Chinese.Therefore,Liberal Studies isn't needed to be a independent subject.

Hiu Laam Liu


I would drop Liberal Studies.I don't think that we have time to watch the news everyday and use the knowledge that we learn in the lesson to understand what happend around the world.I think most of the student only care about the things that happend in Hong Kong and around us.

Yeung WingYung


I would love to drop Physics and Mathematics. It is beccause they are not really functional at all. Moreover, studying them are the waste of time. I am thinking why the people who study them feel impressive. I really HATE this two stupid moron subject. I will drop these if I can.

Robert Sutton


Well, I agree that you can’t blame teachers here. Sometimes it’s nearly impossible to teach kids no matter how hard you try. They come to school with a certain behavior and perception (received from either parents or TV if parents cared too little to teach their kids). And teacher can hardly influence this behavior. It’s possible to apply here and read certain educational and psychological methods that may help you but usually teacher simply can't afford spending so much time on every kid. Anyway be sure you participate in your child’s education. Amy

Susan Ramsay


Ahhh to all you guys who say you want to drop mathematics, don't close yourselves off from the world of numbers. Just like the spells in Harry Potter, you need to learn the right formulas and when to use them and then the world is your oyster!

salik sama


I would drop chemistry not because i don't love it, but my teacher of chemistry is not cooperative towards me currently i am doing engineering form ****

renee betrand


When I studied at school, I couldn’t understand why we should learn this or that subject, because most of them seemed useless and even boring for me. I have decided what I want to be and just wanted to get specific knowledge. However at college, I realized that all disciplines are connected, and just the same with cultural study. I had to apply to get good papers, because it is nothing just to know rules or laws, when you have nothing to tell about and it is all about your inner state.

charlotte choi


If I could drop a subject, it would be Chinese. The characters are already very hard, and there are like more than a thousand words to learn. Then a piece of writing, 150 words or more , even in primary school!
Besides, being in a international school, you have to also learn English and stuff. Then homework. In English you already have to do homework. But in pimary school, the mandarin homework is more than the English homework! It is crazy!!!

Gyrex Manuel


Real Talk
for me,
Schools, Colleges and institute is considered as Business "just a Business only" that's why there is a lot of curriculum subjects includes does not related to your main course that you want. Just for example: your course is BS Information Technology 4yrs course we know that I.T. is more on programming, any related in computers right? and there is a curriculum does not related in your course like; Filipino Subject, Philippine History, whether you like it or not you will pay for that subject and you will take that subject. And I hate that of course. Just like math I mean I hate Trigonometry.

(sorry to my English)

Tany Benzema


I would like to drop Biology. Even though there is a lot of scope, i think its just waste of time.
What will we get by learning the function of the body parts if you have to do something else in the future?