Baking and Buddha

Baking and Buddha

Two new attractions at Ngong Ping - one already started is about one man's path to enlightenment, and one to open soon whips baking into a frenzy


The Pang Show cast get a little crazy on and off stage.
The Pang Show cast get a little crazy on and off stage.
Photo: Ngong Ping 360
Ngong Ping 360 will hold "360 Breadtacular", a bread-themed extravaganza, from October 24. It will feature a funny musical performance by the Pang Show from South Korea, and a session of decorating and eating doughnuts! Our junior reporters got a preview. They also watched the "Walking with Buddha" multimedia attraction. Here's what they thought ...

Best thing since sliced pang

Photo: Ngong Ping 360

Tired of dried, tasteless bread? Watching the Pang Show ("Pang" means "bread" in Korean) might change the way you look at the bread you eat and how it's made.

The comedy from South Korea tells the story of bakers competing to bake the best bread, judged by their boss, the head baker. Together with its funny story, dancing and music, you would never have guessed that baking bread could be so entertaining.

William Cheng and Lyndon Fan

With or without doughnut artistry

Decorators (from left) Lyndon Fan, Jade Lam, Ruby Leung, Christy Wong and William Cheng show their results Photo: John Kang/SCMP

At the Doughnut Decoration Workshop, we were given a delicious doughnut covered with molten chocolate, lots of sprinkles and miniature piping bags with icing. We had the freedom to decorate it any way we wanted. After all, there is no right or wrong in art, especially if you're going to eat it afterwards!

Christy Wong

I had to take in the doughnut's aroma before I started decorating it. The doughnuts were baked by Breadtacular Bakery, a stall in the heart of Ngong Ping Village, and they gave us food-colouring pastes and rainbow sprinkles for decoration.

The sight of the five of us decorating doughnuts had attracted lots of attention from passers-by. Mine wasn't picture-perfect, but it was so delicious, it took me less than a minute to gulp it down!

Ruby Leung

In the steps of the Buddha

"Walking with Buddha" is an interactive experience that allows you to relive the enlightenment process of Siddhartha Gautama, the man who became the Buddha.

We watched an exciting animation about Siddhartha's early life. Born into a luxurious royal lifestyle, he left the palace to search for a spiritual route.

We walked with Siddhartha to the cave, where dramatic lights showed us the problems that he encountered, such as starvation. This spectacle features an amazing 3D depiction of Nathan Road.

Jade Lam

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