Dressed up for charity

Dressed up for charity


HKU Morrison Hall
Students used a variety of methods to raise funds for operation Santa Claus. Photo: HKU Morrison Hall

Apart from organising a bazaar, university students come up with fun ideas in fund-raising effort, writes Wong Yat-hei

Students from the University of Hong Kong's Morrison Hall organised a Christmas Bazaar to raise funds for Operation Santa Claus (OSC). More than 200 people visited the bazaar on November 26, raising HK$2,128 for the charity.

Food and second-hand DVDs and books were on sale at the stalls.

Aqua Chiu, a committee member of the hall, said: 'To make things more interesting, we had boys dressed up as girls and girls dressed up as boys selling food. I think that drew quite a lot of attention, and money.

'We may not have raised a lot, but it was a great chance for the students to get together.'

The HK$5 per student campaign, which was a great success last year, was back at last month's event. Every visitor was encouraged to donate HK$5 to OSC.

In addition, there was a live band which played a song for a donation of HK$5.

A separate campaign was held from November 15 to 26 during which 10 students used their social network to raise money for the charity. 'I was able to collect more than HK$120 from my schoolmates and co-workers at my part-time job,' said Chiu.

Learn more about OSC, visit osc.scmp.com



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