All grown up

All grown up

Chris Lau sat down to chat to Avril Lavigne about her new husband, new album - and not-so-new attitude to life


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She started out as a rebellious, tomboyish pop punk, and turned into an eyeliner-wearing gothic woman who loathes guys that treat girls badly - all set against some interesting outfit and hair changes along the way.

Now the pop princess has grown up and just wants to be herself, hence the name of her latest album, Avril Lavigne.

"I think it's time for a self-titled record," says the singer, sitting down for a chat with Young Post in August.

Last month, Lavigne announced she will be back in town for a much-anticipated concert at the AsiaWorld-Expo on February 13.

Fans can expect to hear hits from that new album, which the singer says will be as varied musically as her image has been visually.

"This album is diverse, and touches on all the different styles I've had in the past and adds some new ones," says the 29-year-old. "I've experimented with some new sounds and gone to [new] places vocally.

"All of my records in the past have been a lot more about relationships. So, basically, on this record, I talk about more than just relationships and love. It's more nostalgic."

In songs like 17 and Here's to Never Growing Up, the singer reflects on her career. Lavigne's first single Complicated took the world by storm when it was released in 2002, and topped the UK Singles Chart; Lavigne was just 17 at the time. She was the youngest star to have ever made that achievement.

"I was signed when I was 15 and my first record came out when I was 17. I travelled the world for 10 years straight," says the Canadian, whose second album Under My Skin and third album The Best Damn Thing also topped charts all over the world, from Australia to Britain.

"I feel like the world has got to see me grow up. I was so young when I first came out."

At nearly 30, Lavigne comfortable trying new things. She had never dabbled in electronic music before, But, on her new record, fans will get to hear her first attempt on a track called Hello Kitty. Lavigne clutches a plush Hello Kitty cushion in her arms as she talks to me about the song.

The smash-hit extraordinaire has also penned an indie track.

"My favourite song is called Give You What You Like," Lavigne says. "It's very artistic and different. I kind of play a character in it. It sounds like nothing I've done before."

The singer adds: "[This record] is all over the place. It is all about storytelling."

When asked what's the best bit of the album, Lavigne has no hesitation.

She immediately says: "I guess the best thing about the record is that I got a husband out of it."

The lucky guy is Chad Kroeger, the lead singer of rock band Nickelback. The lovebirds tied the knot earlier this year.

Don't underestimate the musical influence of the wedding vow: Kroeger's presence sees the return of Lavigne as the ground-splitting rocker she was when she first debuted.

These fast-paced rock tracks are the final piece of the puzzle that is Lavigne's nostalgic album.

The Canadian says it's a side of her she couldn't give up.

"It's a way of life, an attitude. The rock 'n' roll fashion is rebellious, not following the trend. That's how I like to be. Everyone can be a little bit rock 'n' roll," says Lavigne.

That the opening track on the new album is called Rock n Roll perhaps says it all.

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