Frightfully yours

Frightfully yours

We asked our readers how they planned to scare trick-or-treaters on Halloween. Here are the top 10 scare attempts you might have witnessed yesterday ...

1. Make a splash

I like children, but trick-or-treaters can be annoying. I will squirt them with a water pistol - hopefully that will teach them to stop trying to break my doorbell. Then I will dish out lots of sweets, of course.

Jade Lam, 16

2. A simple scare

Since most trick-or-treaters are young children, they get scared easily. I think dressing as a ghost by wearing a simple white sheet will do the trick.

Lam King, 17

3. Vegging out

Instead of candy and chocolate, I'll give them something that is "disgusting": broccoli and cauliflower!

John Kim, 18

4. A bad taste

The "sweets" I'll give them will be the sourest and spiciest I can find. Though I won't be able to see their horrified faces when they actually eat it, I can't help but smile at the thought.

Ricky Chan, 15

5. The Ring

I grew my hair all year for this! I have straight black hair and it's really long now! I'll also dress in my white PJs and, instead of giving out sweets, I'll give out a video tape. Hope they'll get The Ring reference!

Samantha Chan, 15

6. Wrack their brains

I'll offer them something that has always scared me the most - a pop quiz!

Cindy Lo, 16

7. Vamping it up

I'll dress up as Dracula and open the door very slowly. Then I'll say, in my deepest and scariest voice, "Get thee to a nunnery, go. Farewell", and then slam the door shut ... without giving the trick-or-treaters any candy.

Ruby Leung, 16

8. Candy thief

When the little children come to my door with their innocent faces expecting more sweets, I'll just grab their candy and eat it in front of them. That'll surely be scary enough to stop them ringing my door bell a million times!

Amy Yeung, 18

9. A bloody mess

I will decorate my home with cute and friendly-looking ghosts so it will attract more people. But when I open the door, I'll put on my scariest outfit and splash them all with "blood" - red paint!

Odessa Fung, 13

10. Glow business

I'll decorate my house, inside and out, with glow-in-the-dark Scream masks. I find the mask really scary, especially when it's totally dark and the only thing in sight!

David Lee, 14

Next week:

Today is the first day of November, also known as Brovember, when we celebrate by chopping some wood, wrestling a bear, and doing other manly things. For our next Top 10, tell us what was the manliest thing you ever did! Send your response, together with your name, age and school, to a href=""> with "Top 10: Brovember" in the subject field

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