Small detective on a big case

Small detective on a big case

An amputated left arm, a mobile phone storing top national secrets, and a rare female sailor are among the mysteries that puzzle our little investigator in Detective Conan: Private Eye in the Distant Sea.

Directed by Shizuno Koun, it is the 17th time the original Case Closed series has made it onto the silver screen. This sequel takes place on a military ship.

At the start of the original anime series, Detective Conan was drugged and transformed from a a bright high school detective into a knee-high kid .

Now, the bespectacled primary student and his friends get on a ship. Conan's ex-girlfriend Rachel Moore is also on board.

The vessel is being tailed by an unknown ship, and when the solo arm appears, Conan realise this is murder and he must investigate - but the case proves to be trickier than he expected.

The illustration is brilliant - detailed but not too polished. The downside is the sketchy plot, and the clues which fail to give you the "a-ha!" moments the original series did so well.

Stay after the credits for an exciting surprise regarding future Conan adventures.

YP Rating: 2/5

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