Bad karma inspires creep fest

Bad karma inspires creep fest

Thai horror flick The Second Sight is a special treat just in time for Halloween.

A lawyer, Jate (Nawat Kulratanarak), has a psychic ability that means he can see spirits and the future. One day, while driving home after work, he has a vision of a terrible traffic accident. His vision comes true, with many people killed or seriously injured. Kaew (Virapond Jirawetsuntorakul) is suspected of causing the crash.

Despite his girlfriend's pleas, Jate becomes the 16-year-old Kaew's defence lawyer. Kaew has shown no remorse, and Jate doesn't think she's guilty, but soon the victims are haunting her - and worst still - Jate and his girlfriend.

The film focuses on karma, and the idea that no one can escape the consequences of our actions.

Yet it also offers a good scare: there are connections between characters you won't predict, and a witty ending that's enough of a surprise to make up for the jarring 3D computer graphics.

With its otherwise impressive scenes and realistic make-up, The Second Sight is the perfect fright fest for anyone that thinks Halloween should be spent in the dark, getting totally creeped out.

YP Rating: 3/5

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