Log Horizon (Anime)

Log Horizon (Anime)

Tens of thousands of gamers get sucked into online games with no idea how to get out. Only one high-level gamer and his friends might be able to crack the mystery.

A storyline based on the idea of being sucked into an online world is hardly new. Since the dawn of computer games there have been movies, comic books and anime based on the idea, perhaps the oldest being the 1982 film Tron and one of the more recent anime series being last year's Sword Art Online.

In Log Horizon, players of the MMORPG Elder Tales get transported to a version of Earth based on the game when they install the 12th expansion pack.

In this world, they appear as their avatars with their current gaming stats intact. But no one knows how or why this happened or who is behind the scheme.

All that is known is that players can't die; they automatically respawn in their original town.

Shiroe, an Elder Tales master, and two friends try to figure out the mysteries of the game, but things become difficult as fellow players become just as dangerous as the digital monsters that inhabit the Elder Tales world.

The show is being simulcast on Crunchyroll, so check it out. The storyline might be derivative, but the writing isn't half bad.

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