Letters from the dorm: Woes of being a model student

Letters from the dorm: Woes of being a model student


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There are some things that I'd like to avoid doing as an architecture student.

1. Spend more on model materials than on food. I am a big foodie fan, so I am upset about having to cut back on my meals so I can afford basswood sticks, grey cardboard and razor blades.

The sad fact is that the only materials store in Western district, called Yan Ngai, has a virtual monopoly on "archi" students at HKU. So it appears that we have no choice but to be helpless victims of high prices.

2. Visit Starbucks more than once a day. Despite the tempting 40 per cent student discounts, Starbucks can really bite into your wallets when you become forever hooked on the smell of coffee. The fact it's only a few steps away from Knowles (the architecture faculty building) makes it almost too easy for people fighting against deadlines to slip out for a quick coffee. I have friends who live on black coffee to overcome sleepless nights!

3. I hate it, but I do suffer from the "design-student syndrome". When I enter a room or a building, I'll be looking at all the layouts and door placements right away. Whenever I pass by Central Library in Causeway Bay, I can't stop criticising its weird-looking appearance.

I'm also clearly too obsessed with my own designs. I can stare at my models for half a day and feel so disconnected from everything else ...

Also, I'm starting to have trouble remembering what day it is: every day feels like Monday to me; and are Friday nights even a thing?

I hope all this explains why people leaving Knowles at night look so deprived (both of money and sleep).

Complaints aside, here's one thing I'd like to do, as the internet meme urges - Keep Calm and Carry On!


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