Teacher 'forced child to jump'

Teacher 'forced child to jump'


A guard stands next to the banner hung by the boy's relatives
A guard stands next to the banner hung by the boy's relatives
Photo: AFP
A fifth-grade primary school student jumped to his death after he was not able to finish a 1,000 character self-criticism letter. A China National Radio report, quoting relatives and a neighbour, said a teacher had allegedly told him to jump. He fell 30 floors on to a car parked beneath the flat where the family live.

The words “Teacher, I can’t do it,” were found written in one of his textbooks, CNR said. The words “I flinched several times when I tried to jump from the building”, were also found.

The boy’s relatives posted a banner outside the school in Chengdu, reading “The teacher forced our kid to jump off the building”.

The police are still investigating. The boy’s school said yesterday that the child and some of his classmates had been ordered to write reviews of their behaviour after they had disturbed a speaking competition. The school said the boy died “by accident”.

The boy was 10 years old.

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