Talking points: What we wish we could tell our parents

Talking points: What we wish we could tell our parents

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Doris Lam, 16, St Margaret's Co-educational English Secondary and Primary School

My parents often think that I'm doing something crazy in my room with my door closed. I just wish I could tell them I'm not doing drugs or anything crazy like that; I just want some time for myself, reading, surfing the web, tweeting and watching YouTube videos after a long day of socialising and working at school.

Also, the more you yell at me, the more I'll try to avoid you.

Jessie Pang Yu-tung, 17, True Light Girls' College

I wish I could tell my mum that I wish she would respect my daily routine. Different people have different routines, as we are made differently. Also, as the hosts of our own bodies, we know what our the best daily routine is for us. For example, getting up at the break of day won't save me any time or increase my working efficiency. Instead, it just makes me feel more tired and makes me need to take an afternoon nap.

Sweetie Lui, 17, Yan Oi Tong Tin Ka Ping Secondary School

I wish I could tell my parents I am a gigantic Otaku. Maybe I can; after all, not everyone knows what an Otaku is. Simply put, I am obsessed with Japanese anime. I'm not saying it's a guilty pleasure, but it would seem a bit out of character considering that in their eyes I have always been the type of girl who drowns herself in books.

Sonali Gidwani, 17, West Island School

To be honest, I truly appreciate how much my parents do for me, as they help me organise and prioritise my work, and have also guided me in choosing universities. However, there are times when my parents talk to me too much about how to complete my work, which shortens the amount of time I have to actually do it.

Henry Lui, 14, Sha Tin College

Parenting is not an easy job. Just ask Billy Ray Cyrus or Michael Lohan. That said, I would like to thank my mum for providing me with all the help and support she's given me throughout my life. Hong Kong is a stressful place, and being able to cope with all the pressure at work and then return home to take care of your less-than-obedient child is already quite a big achievement.


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In the next Talking Points, we'll be discussing what things you want to know about life that you'll never learn about in school.


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Suskihanna Gurung


My dreams and aspirations. I'm a hundred percent sure, they wouldn't be too pleased with my career choice, as they would deem it to be too risky and ask me to choose something more concrete to build my future on.

Chan Man Ching


I wish I could tell my parents that I had fallen in love with a girl and I would not be affected by love affairs and use of photo.My parents have been disallowing me to start a date with girls
because they always all of it might bring bad effect to my studies but I do not think so.Now I'm working hard to enter U.I'm really at loss,in a dilemma.What should i do?

shubham Aich


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