Talking points: Things I wish to know in life that I never learn about in school

Talking points: Things I wish to know in life that I never learn about in school

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Alex Chan Yiu-fai, 17, University College London

One thing I wished to learn in class is how to deal with girls. See, coming from a boys' school, we haven't had much interaction with girls. So, learning how to interact with them would be a huge plus to our social lives.

Henry Lui, 14, Sha Tin College

Our school has taught us a lot of things: how to be a kind and caring person, how to spend your time wisely, and even how to cook. But the one thing that it has not taught us is how to have a sense of humour. Unfortunately for people like me, I have to resort to making fun of celebrities or myself to induce laughter among my peers.

Kerrie Chiu Ching-wai, 17, Singapore International School

I wish to know how to fully utilise my brain - both the left and right parts. Some say that humans only use a very small percentage of their brainpower; others say that's a myth. I've always been fascinated by how the brain works ever since I watched a television show on the power of the human brain - its limitations, its ability to control how the body works, and how it controls our emotions. I can only imagine the number of new skills I'd be able to master through maximising my brainpower!

Minal Daswani, 17, Island School

I wish that we could learn first aid. I think it would be useful later in life. If you know first aid, you can be really useful in an emergency because you'll be able to help people who are injured. I'd also like to learn how to make a fire without using matches or a lighter. It might be a useful skill if I ever go camping or get lost in the wilderness.

Coco Ma Hiu-lam, 16, St Paul's Co-educational College

All metals conduct electricity. Hitler killed a lot of people. You can solve some triangle problems by using the Pythagorean Theorem. We learn these things in school, but it's unlikely they would be useful in real life. I would like to learn how to connect with people or how to understand people's minds. Human nature is one of the rare things that professors and books cannot fully describe. It would be great to learn how to develop my social skills to make people happy all the time.


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Boman CHUI


If I were ****, I would like to tell the world to be more open-minded and not to discriminate me ,especially for people who have Chinese traditional thinking. As people nowadays have freedom to choose their ****uality. Moreover,I think 'true love' should not care about the gender.

makwan chavs


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