Talking points: How can we eliminate the problem of caged homes and subdivided flats in Hong Kong?

Talking points: How can we eliminate the problem of caged homes and subdivided flats in Hong Kong?

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Tracy Wong Ho-yan, 16, Carmel Secondary School

"The most important thing the government must do is speed up the construction of public flats to ease the housing problems of Hong Kong's underprivileged.Next, redevelopment projects should be carried out on the buildings containing caged homes and subdivided flats to improve the lives of their residents.Also, the government should pass a law to ban caged homes and subdivided flats. This would stop tenants being allowed to re-design flats and create subdivided flats, neglecting fire safety and overcrowding dangers in the process."

Suskihanna Gurung, 17, Delia Memorial School (Broadway)

"I think the government should first try to control the prices of buying and renting a house, and put a limit on the number of properties sold to non-Hongkongers The excessive number of homes bought by rich people from abroad means the supply of suitable property for locals has dwindled. In a free economy, the government can't introduce such controls, but it should try to do so in certain areas, so locals can find an affordable place to live. Also, people should be offered more government subsidies and given incentives to buy homes."

Gabrielle Chan, 18, Hang Seng Management College

"The cause of the problem is the great mismatch of resources in Hong Kong. There some people who work long hours but are still unable to buy a flat. But other people stay at home all day, living off government allowance.In the long term, the government should give under-privileged people an incentive to go out and work so they can support themselves. They should also offer transportation allowances for workers. The more money people save on daily transport costs, the more they put towards buying their own flat. Motivating people to work, so they can buy their own home, means more public-housing flats can be given to help people in caged homes and subdivided flats."

Odessa Fung Ying-ka, 13, Diocesan Girls' School

"Firstly, the government should build more public housing estates so that these poor people can be given a flat. These flats should be free; this would improve not only their living environment but their whole lives. Citizens who can afford to do so could donate money to the government which would be used to build these estates. Such donations would improve the lives of the poor, so they have the chance to 'escape' from poverty."

Jason Hung Tsun-sing, 16, Lai King Catholic Secondary School

"It is important to get rid of caged homes and subdivided flats in Hong Kong. But I believe the government should not outlaw them until after they have built enough public and private residential developments so that everyone living in such tiny spaces has a new place to live. The government must allocate its resources wisely, and look for suitable places where it can build these developments."


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