Album just a one-hit wonder

Album just a one-hit wonder

Kicking off their sophomore album This Is ... Icona Pop with summer anthem I Love It, the Swedish duo Icona Pop - Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo - sound determined to break into the mainstream music scene.

I Love It boasts perfect production, marked by its energetic tone and peppy chorus. Since its debut, the track has already won over the hearts of dance and house fans around the world.

The album as a whole appears experimental, with tracks providing refreshingly mild yet lively sounds, rather than typical house-party bumpers. Icona also manage to diversify the electro-pop experience.

On the fifth track Girlfriend, the dynamic duo croon about their sisterly love, borrowing lines from legendary hip hop artist Tupac Shakur's hits. The track shows off their ability to pull off decent, moderately paced tracks.

Icona Pop are best known for their well-blended, strong vocals, and a mix of soft and thumping indie-sounding beats, reminiscent of chart-topping pop artists such as Ke$ha and Jessie J.

But to achieve the same magnetising effect, every song in This Is... Icona Pop still needs to be more like I Love It.

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