Costume crazes

Costume crazes

Stuck in a fancy-dress rut? Fear not, Young Post is here! Wong Yat-hei finds out what's hot this Halloween


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If you want to make yourself stand out at a Halloween party, clearly, you need an impressive costume. Young Post talked to some of the city's costume shops to find out this year's hottest trends.

Movie characters are a stand-out favourite, and from superheroes to animation characters, there are loads to choose from. If you're a fan of sci-fi or action movies, and want the chance to be buff and tough, perhaps unlike your real-life person, Halloween is the perfect time to live out your fantasies; top choices for 2013 are Iron Man or Thor.

Your Iron Man costume may not come with Jarvis artificial intelligence, but you can find ones out there that have LED lights on the chest, resembling the arc reactor in Tony Stark's suit in the movie. If you hope to develop real muscles to complement your costume, get a prop with some weight. Ssome suits, like the one from Matteo Party, even come with a war machine cannon to carry around. For a lighter version, get your creativity flowing by rewatching the movie and then making your own weapon from cardboard boxes and paint.

Photo: Matteo Party

With the new movie coming up on Halloween, Thor is another popular costume choice this year. Grab yourself a (fake!) hammer and long blond wig to really look the part. And be sure to rock that cape.

Photo: Matteo Party

If you'd rather be taken to a galaxy far, far away this Halloween, why not try a Star Wars Storm Trooper? The characters never go out of fashion, and are hotter than ever after the announcement of new movies. Costumes come with moulded armour and weapons, including lightsabers and laser guns; but if you're really adventurous, try making your own armour from papier mache and cardboard.

Photo: Felix Wong/SCMP

If you prefer the high seas to outer space, pirates are particularly popular this year. You'll need lots of accessories to really look the part - head scarf, loose shirt, belt, and boots - but the end result will be worth it. A menacing hook or a kooky parrot are optional. Oh, and a fake moustache and maybe some fake tattoos, too!

Photo: Walt Disney Pictures

Staying closer to home this year, add some Chinese flavour and go as a gruesome Guard of Impermanence. The black and white versions available at Choi Chi Gift Shop will do the job perfectly, and if you partner with a friend you can form a truly frightening duo.

Costumes are available from Matteo Party, 530 Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay, and Choi Chi Gift Shop, 25 Tung Choi Street, Mong Kok

For the littlest scarers

For your minions, er, we mean little brothers or sisters, the Minions from Despicable Me are a huge hit this year. If your younger siblings already have the dolls and stationery, why not surprise them with a costume? Make your own - yellow top, blue dungarees,


goggles - or check out ready-made ones.

Other animated characters such as the Smurfs are also popular - just stock up on blue face paint! Or what about a classic pumpkin costume? Your Mini-Mes will look super-cute as a podgy veg!

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