In desserts we trust

In desserts we trust

Sunday was the ninth day of the ninth lunar month; it is believed to be a dangerous date because it has too much yang, as nine is a yang number. Young Post hopes its readers are safe and asked what superstition they believe in. Here are the top 10 answers ...

1. I believe that seeing three or more red cars in a row will prove to be a good day, and seeing yellow cars in a row will be a bad day.

Chris Boone, 15

2. I believe in the Divine Power of Desserts, led by His Holy Deliciousness, Master Chocolate-Covered Doughnut XXI. We pray to the Sacred God of Sugar and hold ritualistic baking, icing and sugaring ceremonies. Only by devouring sugary treats can we achieve true happiness.

Michelle Fasching, 16

3. I believe that moths are a reincarnation of our ancestors. One day, I was revising for an important exam, and a little black moth flew into my room. No matter how hard I tried to swat the moth away, it escaped every time and landed in a place where it could monitor my revision. I think the moth was my late grandmother, who came to show her support and to make sure I was revising. It finally flew away once I finished my revision.

Winnie Lee Wing-yee, 18

4. I used to avoid stepping on the gaps between bricks or tiles on the pavement or shopping mall. I thought if I avoided them, it would prevent bad luck. It all stopped when I accidentally stepped on a gap but still had a good day.

Minnie Yip, 15

5. I believe that the day I get full marks in my maths exam is the day the world will cease to exist. But as the saying goes, "Reach for the moon, because if you don't make it, you'll land among the stars", so I'll still aim for full marks. After all, the chances of getting full marks in maths is definitely higher than scoring full marks in Chinese or English literature.

Ruby Leung, 16

6. I used to think a watermelon would grow in my body if I swallowed its seeds. Now I've got into the habit of picking out every single seed before I eat a slice of watermelon. It might take a while, but I don't want a watermelon growing inside my body.

Joy Pamnani, 15

7. When I was young, I really liked Doraemon and wished he could be real. So, I believed that the cartoon characters on TV would jump out into the real world and come alive one day. With technology improving so fast, I thought it was only a matter of time. It sounds crazy, but it's the only way for me to meet Doraemon.

Janet Choi, 17

8. I believe that Sundays should be sacred and left for rest. This is partly because I'm Christian, and mostly because I'm just lazy and I need a good excuse to not study.

Odessa Fung, 13

9. I believe in karma. Surely it's the universal law that if you do something bad or have bad intentions, something bad will happen to you. As Justin Timberlake said: "What goes around comes around."

Rajinder Deol, 16

10. I believe in free will. Instead of celebrating "dangerous" dates to keep safe or accepting misfortune because the gods want it, I believe that anything can be achieved as long as you put enough effort into it.

Kate Ng, 18

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