This week's Brain Game: Vote now!

This week's Brain Game: Vote now!

Every Thursday we ask our Brain Game contestants one interesting, thought-provoking or just plain quirky question. Their answers will be published anonymously in Young Post. Then readers can vote for their FAVOURITE answer. We will eliminate the contestant with the LEAST votes every week until we have a winner.

The ultimate Brain Game winner will receive a 4GB Xbox 360 console with Kinect bundle and Kinect Sports Ultimate game sponsored by Microsoft, and is worth $2,758.

The Contestants

Which answer do you like BEST? Vote below.

This round we asked: What superstition do you believe in and why?

Contestant 1

I believe that trying to predict the outcome of an event before it actually happens can jinx it, and lead to unwanted consequences.

So, for example, if I didn't want to attend the next day's outdoor swimming class, so I wished very hard for it to rain (either to a friend or to my own reflection in the mirror), I would jinx it and the opposite would come true instead: the day would feature an overabundance of sunshine, making sweat and chlorine a sure thing. Some things are just better left unsaid.

Contestant 2

One of my favourite hobbies is reading about superstitions, so there are quite a few taboos I try to avoid.

I especially believe that when staying in a hotel, one should never leave one's slippers neatly beside the bed. It is said that ghosts and spirits tend to wear slippers that neatly face the bed, and walk around in them in the middle of the night. It gives me the chills just imagining a ghost walking around, so I usually mess up everyone's slippers, ignoring the weird looks from my roommates!

Contestant 3

The only superstition I take heed of is to never walk under a ladder, since people say it brings you bad luck.

This might be true, but the real reason I don't like walking under ladders is that they could fall on me; if that happened it wouldn't be pretty!

Contestant 4

I believe that symbols give us power. Different symbols represent different powers. That's why I always draw symbols in my notebook, or even on my hand.

The one I draw the most comes from the TV show Ben 10; it represents powers such as shooting flames, super braininess or sonic speed. Seeing the symbol gives me the strength to overcome all obstacles, and makes me feel like a superhero.

Contestant 5

One superstition I have believed in since I was a child is the Chinese belief that it is unlucky to give clocks as presents. As with many other Chinese superstitions, the words in the phrase sound like others with negative meaning. "To gift a clock" sounds like the Chinese phrase "to say goodbye" to someone who has passed away.

The act of gifting clocks is not necessarily a direct insult. But to not do so is a form of respect and understanding in Chinese culture, so I abide by it.

Contestant 6

When I was small, I was taken to the zoo and saw some very gentle, beautiful horses. Their shoes are known for being lucky, and I have always believed that a horseshoe brings luck.

Last summer, I got my first horseshoe, and I keep it on my desk to bring me luck each day. It also reminds me the good times I spent riding horses last year at horse riding camp.

Contestant 7

Never leave a single grain of rice after a meal. It is my grandmother's strong belief that if we do not finish everything in our rice bowl, the bowl itself will reflect the facial features of our future husbands - a hideous face covered with protuberant pockmarks.

Her words have haunted me ever since I was a toddler. So by licking my bowl spotless, not only do I avoid wasting food, I also guarantee that my future spouse won't be unattractive!

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