Dull drama has no royal status

Dull drama has no royal status

German director Oliver Hirschbiegel's Diana brings back to life the much-loved Princess of Wales, Diana, mother of Princes William and Harry. The biopic tells of the sweet, seldom told story of the love between Diana (Naomi Watts) and her post-marriage partner, Dr Hasnat Khan (Naveen Andrews).

The film starts as Diana's marriage to Prince Charles is at breaking point, and includes a re-creation of the candid interview she gave to the BBC - the one where she said she wanted to be a queen of British people's hearts.

Post-divorce stress behind her, she meets Pakistani doctor Khan. There follows a lot of sneaking around, strolling in the park, and eventually arguments between the diplomatic princess and the intensely private Khan.

Based on the book Diana: Her Last Love, the film shows Diana's charm and gentleness, with Naomi Watts looking uncannily like the late royal. And the way the end of the film refers back to the start is an impressive trick.

Hirschbiegel does well in conjuring the happy, tingling feeling of secretly being in love. But overall, this is just another mawkish melodrama.

The one-star rating many critics have given Diana is a little harsh. Sadly, it's only worthy of one more.

YP Rating: 2/5

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