Slow-going but at least its cute

Slow-going but at least its cute

Any Japanese movie with a dog in it is bound to be a sobfest. Directed by Emiko Hiramatsu, 7 Days of Himawari and Her Puppies is no exception.

Himawari, a Shiba Inu, is found on the street one day with her puppies. The fluffy four-legged family is taken to an animal care centre, where all the dogs are put down after seven days if no one adopts them by then.

Himawari's spirit impresses keeper Shoji Kanzaki (Masato Sakai). Touched by the dog's efforts to protect her pups, Kanzaki decides to tame and adopt her. But the problem is, a Shiba Inu only recognises one master in its lifetime. Kanzaki has seven days to convince the stubborn mother to let him take care of her.

7 Days addresses some pressing issues related to pet abuse, and Hiramatsu offers a rare glimpse of the predicaments that carers in animal centres often face. They are accused of treating animals badly, while the centres are often run on limited budgets.

Unfortunately, the movie is very slow, and its weepy sentimentality is predictable. But at least the ridiculously cute dogs make up for these failings.

YP Rating: 3/5

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