The review's all in the title

The review's all in the title

As you listen to Kings of Leon's sixth studio album, Mechanical Bull, it's hard not to think back to their brilliant fourth release, Only by the Night, and put that on instead.

The Grammy-winners pack 11 songs into the album. Sadly the title reflects the content - much of it is rather mechanical.

For lovers of classic rock, Bull has plenty to offer. The first track, Supersoaker, ticks all the boxes of what a well-produced rock song needs: intense guitar, progression of chord and tone, and driving vocals. The track is powerful, especially when the lead singer unreservedly belts out: "'Cause I'm the supersoaker - red, white and blew them all away."

Highlights include Wait for Me and Tonight. Both tracks resemble Kings of Leon circa 2008 - ie the time of that best-selling fourth title.

This record is full of energy, but it shies away from the unique sound of previous records, and the glorious, spirited guitar riffs, which have been replaced by vocals.

The band's still got it in Bull - though so does every other rock band. Kings, we miss your novelty.

YP Rating: 2/5

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