Gin No Saji - Silver Spoon

Gin No Saji - Silver Spoon

Fullmetal Alchemist creator Hiromu Arakawa's latest manga has been animated, and this time the story is a little more personal in the slice-of-life comedy Gin No Saji (Silver Spoon).

The story is set at an agricultural high school for students looking to carry on the family farm or veterinary careers. Arakawa has a unique understanding of this world: she was raised on a dairy farm and continued to help out for a while after graduating from high school before moving to Tokyo to become a manga artist.

Silver Spoon revolves around Yugo Hachiken, a student from Sapporo who used to attend a well-known school. Why he has chosen to enrol at Yezo Agricultural High School for future agricultural managers is unclear, but it's a boarding school, so maybe there are problems at home.

Life at Yezo is hard and physically demanding. Yugo has to get up at 5am to collect eggs from the chicken run; a "one-lap run" around the campus for PE class turns out to be a 20-kilometre slog. Afterwards, there is farm work, and finally classes.

The city boy antics make for a good laugh and unusually optimistic viewing. Tune in via Crunchyroll, and find out if Yugo comes to regret his choice, or finds farming the perfect career choice.

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