Confusing and over-ambitious

Confusing and over-ambitious

Trailers are generally meant to entice audiences, but the one for Tiny Times 2 is puzzlingly vague.

The Tiny Times series is based on the novel of the same title, and focuses on a number of metropolitan love stories. The movie continues the story of four girls Lin Xiao (Yang Mi), Lily (Kuo Tsai-chieh), Nan Xian (Kuo Bea-ting) and Ruby (Hsieh Yi-lin), and their lives after graduation.

When a secret from the past is revealed, the girls' friendship is damaged and left fragile. A chain reaction also affects the relationships between Lily and her boyfriend Gu Yuan (Kai Ko), and between Nan and her boyfriend Xi Cheng (Jiang Chao).

To make matters worse, when Lily's father dies, she must take over his troubled company.

Bestselling author and director Guo Jingming's goal seems to have been trying to adapt a Wall Street/romantic film for the mainland market. But from the confusing trailer - little of which reflects anything that actually happens in the film - to the characters' obsession with brand-name goods and the confusing narrative, there is little to recommend this as a trail-blazer.

YP Rating: 2/5

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