Don't give up on life so easily

Don't give up on life so easily

I seem to be hearing about a lot more suicide cases these days. It seems people are taking their own lives over minor issues. Examples include: a 46-year-old man who killed himself over a dispute with his family; an 11-year-old girl who jumped from the roof of her flat after getting poor grades in her exams; a 26-year-old man who killed himself after breaking up with his girlfriend.

Life is invaluable. Committing suicide doesn't solve problems, it creates new ones. Killing yourself changes life for your family and friends, who care about you deeply. It causes them great sadness, and they, too, may break down or think about ending their own lives.

It's horrible to go through immense pain and feel driven to suicide. But it's selfish to pass that pain on to hundreds and hundreds of people by killing yourself. People who are suicidal should try their best to get through their tough times. If they can push through that barrier, there will be a much better life waiting for them. The process may be hard, but I guarantee that afterwards, these people will appreciate their lives so much more.

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