No more elitism in education

No more elitism in education

This summer, I worked as an intern at the Kelly Yang Project, a private tutoring school, and I absolutely loved it. It got me thinking about education systems ...

These days, education is treated like a "commodity" that should be evenly split and distributed, regardless of socioeconomic background.

Hong Kong is not alone in proclaiming that tertiary education must take place in a school, and that a university degree best prepares one for a place in society. So what about vocational schools, which help one to gain skills in a specific field? Or internships, where young people are given direct exposure to a job? Some students simply perform better away from a desk.

Socioeconomic inclusivity is not the opposite of elitism. Many institutions, like United World College, pride themselves on financially supporting students who would otherwise miss out.

Certain social classes do not automatically lead to certain personality types, but it is important to have an admissions process to university.

Hong Kong's capitalist economy fosters this quantification of education. But education is dynamic and should be treated as such.

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Michael Wilson


Hi there, interesting article and very good news for some students. But what about an impose a similar policy of exempting Hong Kong students from college entrance exams. I'm pretty sure that this will lead cheating in education institutions like ordering student's works at and this in the future will lead to a deterioration in the level of education.