Fears that haunt you

Fears that haunt you

As you can tell by the Halloween-themed chocolates and sweets already available in stores, we have entered the scariest month of the year - the month of Halloween! To get into the spooky spirit, we asked our readers what they're most scared of. Here are the top 10 answers ...

1. Ride to remember

I'm not scared of spooky ghosts or disgusting insects (though I prefer not to be near them). Here's what I'm really scared of: Ocean Park's newest roller coaster, Hair Raiser, with its 360-degree spiral track.

Odessa Fung, 13

2. Stinging memory

I am truly scared of bees because I was once stung by one and my face got really swollen. But that wasn't the worst bit. My dad made fun of my swollen face, so now I'm scared of bees and of getting teased by my dad!

Yip Yun-hon, 17

3. Fearsome fliers

I have a fear of flying insects. If the insects can't fly, I can simply crush them with my feet. But if they can fly, I can't swat them and they chase me around!

Tsang Man-ho, 16

4. Sinister stench

If I ever had the privilege of meeting Barack Obama or Bradley Cooper, it would be horrifying to realise that I wasn't wearing deodorant! I freak out whenever I forget to spray the thing, because I stink without it. My friends might say that I don't, but I know deep down that I do!

Ruby Leung, 16

5. Faceless fear

I swear Slender Man is the creepiest thing I've ever seen. The character from the computer game Slender has a pale, slender body and wears a black suit. The creepiest part is he has no face!

Jennifer Tang, 16

6. Horrible hands

I think what scares me most is my brother's hand. Let me explain ... When I was small, we used to sleep in a bunk bed; he slept on top, while I slept on the bottom. When it's dark, he would swing his hand over the edge of his bed and it looked so scary in the dark!

Catherine Kwok, 15

7. Creepy clowns

Clowns. Everything about them creeps me out - from their huge eyes to their giant grin. It's scary to see someone look so happy!

Suskihanna Gurung, 16

8. Terrible tests

The thing that scares me the most isn't ghosts or ghouls - it's tests! They ruin October!

Liam Fung, 11

9. Buzz off!

I'm scared of wasps because they buzz around your ears and sting you. I'm also scared I might sit on one. I always look before I sit down to make sure: a) there is no thumb tack on my chair, b) there's no wasp on my chair, and c) my chair is still there!

Jade Lam, 16

10. Fear of missing out

Having no plans or friends on Halloween ... It's Halloween! FOMO!

Doris Lam, 16

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Mukhjot kaur


Well Witches is what i am terrebly scared of....
It reminds of the spooky witch Bloody Mary.
That`s why i never wnat to go to the lobby to throw rubbish!