Touching time-travelling tale

Touching time-travelling tale


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There are no secrets between Tim and his father in About Time, a sci-fi romcom directed by Richard Curtis, of Love Actually fame.

On the eve of his 21st birthday, Tim Lake (Domhnall Gleeson) is told by his father, James (Bill Nighy), that every man in the Lake family can time travel.

Tim doesn't believe it until he successfully reverses time, and rectifies mistakes he made in the past. Realising what he can do with this amazing ability, he starts to travel back in time to make "minor" tweaks to his life - like making people fall in love with him, and saving lives.

Tim meets the love of life, Mary (Rachel McAdams), but he completely ruins the encounter. He also realises that his to-ing and fro-ing has created a butterfly effect that has got entirely out of hand, and that he must fix, stat.

The film has a contemplative message of how we shouldn't dwell on the past or live with regrets, but live in the moment.

Gleeson and McAdams make a lovable on-screen couple; extra kudos to McAdams for some very convincing acting, especially in her third "partner of a time-traveller" role.

About Time is no ordinary love story: it presents love and relationships without cliches.

Certain to make you laugh and cry, About Time is a heart-warming, genre-blending love story suitable for all.

YP Rating: 4/5

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