Heart-stopping space drama

Heart-stopping space drama

Directed by Mexican filmmaker Alfonso Cuaron, Gravity puts two astronauts to the ultimate survival test in weightless space.

Engineer Dr Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) and veteran astronaut Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) are fixing a space station. While they're up there, the Russian government plans to destroy an old satellite - but things don't go to plan.

Wreckage from the supposedly well-calculated explosion hurtles towards the astronauts. Stone and Kowalski have to prepare for the worst, and find a way to get home.

The computer-generated space scenes in Gravity could not be better, and the sound effects deserve awards for the incredible way they heighten tension.

Cuaron approaches this space catastrophe with a unique vision: his endeavour to keep everything realistic is a rare find. His use of camera angles is also diverse, unconventional and artistic. If there is any downside to this awesome release, it's the slightly cheesy script.

Gravity, boasting the ability to make one's heart stop, is no doubt one of the best Hollywood movies so far this year.

YP Rating: 5/5

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